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About Us - Caribbean Citrus Co.

T-Shirts That Feel Like A Caribbean Vacation

T-Shirts that feel like vacation

 For most people, vacations are too short and don't happen often enough! Caribbean Citrus Co. makes t-shirts that feel like a Caribbean vacation—whether you are basking in Belize or hanging out at home!

At Caribbean Citrus Co. we know that you love the Islands as much as we do—the crystal blue water, the beautiful sun-drenched beaches, the friendly people and the laid back way of life.

The problem is that you have real responsibilities and can't spend ALL your time on vacation, which makes you feel like you're missing out on a lot of well-deserved relaxation and fun in the Caribbean sun. We believe that you deserve a healthy dose of the Caribbean.

We understand that the Caribbean is good medicine for your soul which is why we strive to artistically capture the spirit of the Caribbean on our graphic tees. Here's how we do it:

  1. Research - Yep, we travel to Caribbean destinations and soak in the experience!

  2. Create - We craft beautiful designs that reflect the spirit of the Caribbean.

  3. Offer - We invite you to shop our custom t-shirts on our online store. So pick out your favorite Caribbean Citrus Co. t-shirt and order today!

And in the mean time, enter to win a free t-shirt of your choice in our MONTHLY t-shirt giveaway sweepstakes!

So you can set aside the worry and stress of the moment and instead relax, breathe easy, and kick into vacation mode!

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