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Cruise Tees




Not your average gift-shop cruise t-shirt

Get into vacation mode with all original graphics!

Do you really want to remember your vacation with a basic, overpriced, shapeless cruise t-shirt from the gift shop?

Or that Amazon cruising tee shirt you saw three other families wearing?

Yeah, neither do we.

The brains behind Caribbean Citrus have been cruising and designing shirts for 25 years now. In 2018, we finally put the two together:

Fun, unique cruise t shirts that make you want a drink with a little umbrella in it. 

  • More comfortable than a Hawaiian-print button-up. 
  • More festive than your everyday tees. 
  • Way cooler than the unisex gift shop tee. 

Whether you’re traveling solo or as a group – you’ve been building that vacation-mode momentum since you booked your tickets. You’re hyping yourself up by packing clothes you’re excited to wear.

Now that you’ve found the perfect shirts to wear on your cruise – it’s time to hit cruise control. 


Cruise T-Shirts
Caribbean Adventure USVI

T-Shirts for the Adventure

Caribbean Citrus T-Shirt Company creates fresh tees for those who seek adventure and embrace the spirit of the Caribbean. We've got you covered with beautiful, original graphic tees whether you are sailing on the crystal blue water, exploring new places, or just hanging out at the beach!

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